Here we have the classic links page. The page that has been added on to so many web pages since the dawn of time.


CTRL-ALT-DEL One of the best out there. Funny, well done, and the site is very well done. Def. worth checking out.

Ghost 2138 Sci fi original comics. Done in the classic comic book style. One of my favorites.

Penny-Arcade If you have not heard of penny-arcade then you probably have not been reading webcomics very long.

Gnomes * Talent optional * Surreality TV Three comics done by my friend Eric Stadler who has helped me immensely in getting my comic off the ground. You may have some trouble understanding a few of the inside jokes but many of these are funny.......... I link because I care.

Something Positive Another one of my favorites. Rather funny.

8 bit theater "Sword chucks yo!" And lots more unforgettable wackiness. Seriously this is funny.

Now if you are saying to your self "wow this is a bland links page" you would be right. Sorry 'bout that. You can expect to see it improve around the same time the rest of the site improves.


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